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What We Do

Respect The Dialect exists to raise awareness and offer continuing education on issues pertaining to African American English (AAE) and its use in educational and professional settings.  This forum offers resources and support to speech-language pathologists and educators who serve AAE-speaking students.   ​

Respect The Dialect began in 2019 as a Facebook group.  The group was created by Dr. Latimer-Hearn and was designed to promote awareness and understanding of the African American English (AAE) dialect.  In addition, the group offers support to educators and speech-language pathologists serving AAE-speaking communities.  As our nation becomes increasingly diverse the occurrence of cultural-linguistic mismatch in the educational setting becomes more apparent.  ​

Respect The Dialect has grown and now offers a variety of supports and resources to contemporary educators and speech-language pathologists seeking to improve outcomes for AAE-speaking students.

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What We Do
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Who We Are

Who We Are



You're Wrong About...

By Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall

Summary:  Mike tells Sarah how a simple idea in a single school district became a nationwide racial panic. 

Thanks to our special guests Dionna Latimer-Hearn and Daniel Russell!

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In our second of two episodes in honor of Black History Month, we’re addressing African American English, or AAE with Dr. Yolanda Holt and Dr. Latimer-Hearn.

AAE is a language variation. Maybe you've heard it called a dialect. It sounds different from Mainstream American English. It has its own rules and grammar, and it emerged from a long language tradition. But when AAE is not recognized, it can be misdiagnosed as a language disorder.


This live chat discusses ways to positively talk about AAE and the implications surrounding assessment and treatment in order to foster a positive reflection on its speakers.

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